Day 4 (August 20)

Day 4 (by Karoline Antonsen)

Today we had our much-deserved full day off after yesterday’s presentations and Friday’s elicitation tests. A group of us traveled to Corcovado Mountain and got to see Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor in Brazilian Portuguese). However, while we got to enjoy the magnificent view and even got a mini-photoshoot, we ran the risk of getting blown away by the strong winds at the top of the mountain. Then we waited two more hours before leaving because the train could not come up the mountain because of the same wind gusts. Nevertheless, we persisted, and it was all worth it.


Cal, Karoline, Vidhya and Natália visit the Cristo Redentor


Later in the evening, everyone gathered in the kitchen for a meeting on our work so far (including a discussion about how to organize the data while in the field and how to gloss examples properly) and our plans for the week to come (including both work and some fun evening activities).


Suzi Lima and students: organizational meeting and mini-workshop on how to gloss examples properly


For the rest of the week, we will be having these meetings at 9 a.m. before we start our interviews for the day. We went over how far each group had gotten with their questionnaires on Friday, discussed the next steps each group needed to take with those questionnaires, and rearranged the schedule for who we would each get to work with at Museu do Índio for the next few days.

The day ended with Professors Lima and Kucerova and Natália and Karoline going to a restaurant that served veggie burgers (10/10, highly recommend) before the students got together to continue prepping their work for tomorrow morning.

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