Day 6 (August 22)

Day 6 (by Cal Janik-Jones)

On our third day of elicitations, we finally managed to catch some better weather and arrived early, at 9am, at Museo do Indio.

It was a little quieter in the group today, as some of our consultants took part of the day off. Many of us moved around to start working with new consultants and languages. In the morning, Sandra (our Guarani Nandeva consultant) worked with Tiffany, Cal, and Ivona on the count-mass questionnaire.

Karoline, Vidhya, Natalia, Suzi continued to work with Anari (our Patxoha consultant) on the count-mass questionnaire from the day before.

In the afternoon, some of us moved again. Sandra was working with Karoline, Natalia, Tiffany, and Ivona in the afternoon to continue the animacy questionnaire from the previous two days, which they wrapped up by the end of the day.

Suzi, Vidhya, and Cal talked with Nelly (our Marubo consultant) on the count-mass questionnaire. Suzi and Vidhya had already worked with Nelly on Marubo before, but Cal was jumping in.


Marubo group.JPG
Vidhya, Cal, Nelly, Mutuá Kuikuro and Suzi
Guarani group.JPG
Sandra, Natália, Karoline, Ivona, Tiffany.

Moving to new consultants and looking at new languages definitely wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun! Many members of the group started to notice how things differ between languages, but also some consistent patterns that we shared.

In the evening, Natalia, Cal, Karoline, and Vidhya went with Suzi to the Museu de Arte do Rio for an exhibition on Indigenous cultures in Rio and Brazil. The exhibition interwove a variety of indigenous art and artifacts with the history of Rio de Janiero. It was an enlightening experience to see the historical and cultural context of the work we were doing, in a hands-on way.

Cal, Suzi, Vidhya, Karoline and Natália at Praça Mauá

Afterwards as the sun went down and the Museu de Arte closed for the night, we explored Maua Square and the Museu do Amanha in downtown Rio, and snapped some beautiful pictures!

Museu do Amanhã.JPG
Museu do Amanhã


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