Day 1

And so it begins! The UofT group – Suzi Lima, Greg Antono, Guilherme Teruya, Octavia Andrade-Dixon – met with professor Isabella Coutinho (State University of Roraima) who took the group to a quick tour on campus. During the tour, we met with Professor Carlos Borges (Pró-Reitor de Pesquisa/UERR) and Professor Rildo Dias (Diretor de Pós-Graduação/UERR).

After lunch, we met for the first class about fieldwork methodology.



Octavia Andrade-Dixon (UofT), Greg Antono (UofT), Guilherme Teruya (UofT), Professor Rildo Dias (UERR), Professor Suzi Lima (UofT), Professor Carlos Borges (UERR),and Professor Isabella Coutinho (UERR)


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