Day 3: May 15th

Today we only had our morning session of elicitation as in the afternoon many UERR students and professors took part in the country-wide protests against the ministry of education’s budget cut on education, which affected federal universities in particular.

Our morning session, however, went as usual and each student worked with their respective languages and consultants. After the first day of work, we are now starting to get more familiar with doing elicitation as well as with the language. Personally, I am having much fun working out the grammatical patterns in Ye’kwana as well as learning how to pronounce and write words in the language. The consultants also seemed to be enjoying the process and even taught us some greetings in their languages.

With the extra time from not having the afternoon session, we took the rest of the day to relax at our hostel, but we also worked on organizing the data collected today and on preparations for the following day.

Post by Guilherme Teruya


A group selfie ❤


Diene, Isabella and Suzi


The Macuxi group


Diene and Octavia working on comparatives in Taurepang



Guilherme and Josemar working on comparatives in Ye’kwana



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